Thursday, 10 September 2015


I was very looking forward to the day at the Universal Studio themepark when we traveled to Osaka. Well, the Wizarding world of Harry Potter was one of the main things I wanted to see in there since I'm a fan of Harry Potter movies as they were part of my childhood. haha, well to back to the startpoint.

We went to the theme park by train, which took about an hour if i remember right. There was this huge Harry Potter poster at the universal-city station. But something was ahead of us, I mean, of course we have to wait some time to get to the attractions, many people lined up for hours(especially for harry potter) but, Thanks to my boyfriend who bought express tickets for us before this day♡ So we did not have to worry about waiting in line.

I had no Idea about a manga/anime of "Attack on Titan" before I went to the universal studios. There was an insanely big statue of two characters, both about 15 meter long, and I thought it is so cool. So recently I'm watching the anime and it's great! I also like the character in it and the story is interesting. I recommend to check it out! By the way, inside the attraction of attack on titan there was a little bit creepy exhibition, but it was beautifully made.

Finally after walking around all the universal studio and many attractions, it was time to go to the wizarding world. It was so cool they actually had built the castle, and a little city around it. We first drank a butter beers which by the way, was really strange taste but it was okay, and we got to keep the cups as souvenirs. There was so many people. No wonder they are lining for this for hours. But I think it is insane they sell hogwarts robes as expensive as 10 000yen. I thought, who will buy it.. must be the greatest fan, haha. I tried it on just for fun. There was a cute owl in the arounding city. I wish he could fly free though, sad to see an owl trapped from his leg.

And the FOOD! We went to eat in the Harry Potter restaurant. We had a little bit problem with the dishes because I took something that I thought was something else.. haha.. but afterall I could get what I wanted. I ate chicken salad and it was so delicious.

We had a great time there♡ It Definitely was one of the highlights of the trip!

Thankyou for reading!