Saturday, 14 March 2015


I have lived most of my life in a little village in Finland, so traveling to Japan, Tokyo, felt so strange! Tokyo is the biggest city in the world, but actually i really love the athmosphere in Japan. It feels like home. 



My favorite shopping place is Shibuya. First, Shibuya109 is like a dream to anyone who loves shopping! It's women's wear but they have also Shibuya109 men's. The people in the shops are so nice and friendly! But I made one mistake, which i guess is a mistake that many travelers make, is not getting their shoes off when going into a fitting room. For me, first times it was awkward to go to shops since they will come to you, and ask you questions in Japanese. Luckily I have been learning japanese a bit and it really helped. 

Another place which I like for shopping, is Harajuku. In Harajuku, there's many kinds of styles on shops! And you can see people wearing lots of different styles. by the way you can have a taste of the delicious crepes of different kinds!


If you are Japanese-cosmetics lover like me, I recommend you to visit Matsumoto Kiyoshi, which you can find in many places around Tokyo. They have a huge variety of make up and skincare products.


Shops which i recommend also visiting, is Tokyuhands and Loft. They have like.. Everything. Beauty/Cosmetics, study/work supplies, Kitchen supplies, Traveling supplies.. You can find everything there. Great option for finding souvenirs too. Tokyuhands has a great variety of DIY stuff, so if you like doing "DIY" things, check it out!


In Japan there's many chances to go to eat many types of foods. Rice, noodles, chicken, seafood. Japan is known from it's seafood, especially sushi, but personally I don't like sushi and other seafood that much. My favorite restaurant in Japan is Coco curryhouse. They have menu of different curry-rice-meat combinations. Japan has.. Mr. Donut.. OMG it's so delicious! I guess my boyfriend got tired of me wanting to go there and take away some donuts. 

Things i really recommend trying, if you travel to Japan is: Curry in Coco curryhouse, noodle restaurant Torakichi in Tokyo, tenmusu(in Nagoya), and Harajuku crepes.


There's so high buildings in Japan. The ones which I have been to, are Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, which by the way looks like Eiffel Tower but it's red and white colored. It's really high, and in Tokyo Tower you can see outside from the elevator when it goes up! It's really cool. 

Being up the city makes me realize how big Tokyo is. It looks like it's never ending from up there. In the both towers they have souvenir shops and so on. Also you can have your photo taken with your friends/family/boy or girlfriend etc. which makes a great souvenirs.

I love chibli movies. They're adorable, and the way they draw/make their movies is awesome! In Japan there's Chibli museum in Mitaka in Tokyo. I don't like museums that much, but this museum was too cute to not to like it!

Hachiko is a dog that waited for it's dead owner at the train station for 9 years. As you may know the owner couldn't return, but the dog waited still. Hachiko statue is in Shibuya,Tokyo, you have to see it. Though later i heard that maybe the dog went there because people gave him food, but I believe he waited his owner!

Have you ever been to Disneyland? There's Disneyland in Tokyo, and near the Christmas time i went there with my bf, and it was a fun place to be. I'm not that much of disney-fan, but it was great experience! There's many things to do, and if you have never been to Disneyland before, I recommend it! BUT.. Disneyland in Japan has people lining like from 15 minutes to more than an hour! So if you do not like waiting/lining, not a very good idea..But overall i liked it.

Japanese temples are beautiful, temples and shrines.. gorgeous! I love japanese old-architechture. And if you're in Nagoya, definitely check up Nagoya castle. If you are in Tokyo, check out Asakusa Sensoji Temple!

Take a visit to Odaiba in Tokyo! It has shopping malls and a ferrish wheel, and it is a manmade island. Cool isn't it?


I love how the people in Japan are so friendly! I really like japanese railway system! On the march-april, Japan is gorgeous because of it's blooming sakura trees!


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