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If you are willing to live in Japan, you need to know the language. Japanese people rarely talk in english, at least it's what I have noticed, like every place where you go, like shops or restaurants, they assume that you can speak japanese. So if you travel there, I recommend to learn at least some basic words, it will help you a lot! You can bring a little dictionary/phrasebook with you everywhere you go, that will be really handy!

My tips on learning japanese

I want to give you some tips which i have found useful in learning japanese. Listening is the key! You can listen japanese music and watch japanese dramas and movies, that's a really great way to learn.

Japanese language has a writing system that includes hiragana, katakana and kanji. I suggest that you learn hiragana and katakana first, before getting into learning kanji. You will need to practice a lot in this part, because..well.. japanese language is written in those characters. If you find it easy to practice kanji along hiragana and katakana, i suggest you to pick the easiest/basic kanji first.

Be brave! Remember that making mistakes makes you learn! So don't be afraid to talk in japanese. When you make the mistake, next time you know better, isn't it?


I wanted to review a best-selling japanese language book, which i got on my trip to Japan. I have been learning japanese for some years now, well, each year learning more or less. On internet many people recommended this book, so I wanted to give it a try and pay around 3500 yen for this book. You can also find it in amazon, which I will put in link down below.

First of all, I was like hunting this book in Japan! I went through many bookstores trying to find it, and even the really big Shinjuku bookstore didn't have it. But I found it in Shibuya finally.

The book is an integrated course in elementary japanese, and it's second edition of the book. It has great expressions for many different situations, which i find really useful! The book also have little culture notes of Japan, such as japanese currency, holidays and festivals in Japan,

The book itself is 382 pages. It comes with a 6-hour long MP3 CD-ROM, which is really great since you can load the files on your phone and listen to it where ever you go!

It has hiragana and katakana charts, and it has kanji, but mostly it's the easiest kanji, and as you know, the kanjis will get more difficult in the end of the book.

I really like the book, even it's in english and not in my motherlanguage. It's great for beginners, and even the people who know japanese a little but want to boost a little bit of the knowledge of japanese language. I like to use some cute stuff to write in when i study~It explains the rilakkuma notebook beside genki in the photo above.



Buy GENKI I from Amazon

In the end, I want to tell you, just anyone who wants to learn japanese, that you can do it! It will take time, but if you really really want to learn it, it will happen!

Last but not least, Keep the learning fun!

Thankyou for reading!

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