Sunday, 15 March 2015


Flight to Japan, Tokyo takes around 9 hours. At first it might terrify you. Questions will come up your mind " What i'm going to do on this flight?"

What can you actually do during your flight?

First tip, get comfortable. On your flight, bring a pair of comfy socks or slippers which will totally make you feel a lot more comfortable than wearing shoes for the whole long flight. I love comfy socks! I have loads of them because I just love them so much.

Bring a neck pillow and a sleeping mask. I don't have a neck pillow, but now i'm considering to get one, since I never have been able to sleep on plane due to feeling uncomfortable in the little space you have there. Sleeping mask will be great on the flight, if you want to be in dark. Also, this is important, wear comfortable clothes! You don't want to sit on the plane for 10 hours with tight jeans!

Bring your entertainment! Bring your earphones and music, your laptop, book, whatever you like. On the long flights you will probably have a screen in front of you. It has movies and music, games and a map where you can follow your flight.

Make your flight a spa experience! This is something I really like, since you can feel relaxed more. The air on the plane is really really drying to your skin, so i would suggest you to bring your moisturizer on plane. However, be careful not to take over 100ml products with you, since they may take it from you. Remember to put the products in a clear plastic bag. I always bring a moisturizer, lipbalm and handcream. You can use a sheetmask on flight, even that white sheet face might scare some people on the flight! Remember to drink water on your flight to keep your body and skin hydrated. But don't drink too much unless you want to go to the toilet often! Well.. you know the plane toilets is not the most comfortable ones.

Bring some snacks. Buying snacks on the plane or the airport is really really expensive! I would suggest you bring some snacks with you, to save extra money.

Last but not least, bring a pen! You will need this if you are traveling to Japan, since you have to fill up the embarkation card/disembarkation card and the customs declaration form.

Before the day of your flight, make sure you've got everything you need, most important is passport! Check everything just in case, because you don't want to have the feel at the airport of you forgot something.


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