Thursday, 10 September 2015


I was very looking forward to the day at the Universal Studio themepark when we traveled to Osaka. Well, the Wizarding world of Harry Potter was one of the main things I wanted to see in there since I'm a fan of Harry Potter movies as they were part of my childhood. haha, well to back to the startpoint.

We went to the theme park by train, which took about an hour if i remember right. There was this huge Harry Potter poster at the universal-city station. But something was ahead of us, I mean, of course we have to wait some time to get to the attractions, many people lined up for hours(especially for harry potter) but, Thanks to my boyfriend who bought express tickets for us before this day♡ So we did not have to worry about waiting in line.

I had no Idea about a manga/anime of "Attack on Titan" before I went to the universal studios. There was an insanely big statue of two characters, both about 15 meter long, and I thought it is so cool. So recently I'm watching the anime and it's great! I also like the character in it and the story is interesting. I recommend to check it out! By the way, inside the attraction of attack on titan there was a little bit creepy exhibition, but it was beautifully made.

Finally after walking around all the universal studio and many attractions, it was time to go to the wizarding world. It was so cool they actually had built the castle, and a little city around it. We first drank a butter beers which by the way, was really strange taste but it was okay, and we got to keep the cups as souvenirs. There was so many people. No wonder they are lining for this for hours. But I think it is insane they sell hogwarts robes as expensive as 10 000yen. I thought, who will buy it.. must be the greatest fan, haha. I tried it on just for fun. There was a cute owl in the arounding city. I wish he could fly free though, sad to see an owl trapped from his leg.

And the FOOD! We went to eat in the Harry Potter restaurant. We had a little bit problem with the dishes because I took something that I thought was something else.. haha.. but afterall I could get what I wanted. I ate chicken salad and it was so delicious.

We had a great time there♡ It Definitely was one of the highlights of the trip!

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Sunday, 22 March 2015


When I first saw a youtuber, Melodee Morita praising about this product, I was so interested and I wanted to buy it as soon as I go to Japan. It's an all-in-one product. It acts as a cream, serum/essence, lotion, toner which is great, especially for lazy people like me..

So this pack gel comes in a water drop-shaped package. I think it's great at describing, what the product actually will do to your skin, it is a water based product. When you take it from the jar, you will notice it's watery consistency. The jar is huge so it will last long time. I could say around 3 months. When you apply and massage it into your face, it turns into very tiny water drops and it sinks into your skin within 30 seconds! 

Suhada Shizuku pack gel contains 6 key beauty incredients including collagen, ceramide, soybean isoflavone and double hyalorunic acid.

Ingredients:placenta extract, glycyrrhizin dipotassium, purified water, palmitic acid retinol, hyaluronic acid hydrolysis, acetylation sodium hyaluronate, collagen tripeptide F, oil-soluble licorice extract (2), natural vitamin E, tetra 2 - decanoic acid ascorbyl, sericin, ubidecarenone, concentrated glycerin, N-stearoyl Luffy port sphingosine, (2S, 3R) -2 - octadecanoyl amino octadecane-1 ,3 - diol, hydroxystearyl phytosphingosine, phytosphingosine, corn oil, methyl polysiloxane, methylphenyl polysiloxane , octyl dodecyl myristate, d-σ-tocopherol, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, behenyl alcohol, stearic acid penta decaglyceryl, sodium stearoyl lactylate, 1,3 - (2), cross-linked butylene glycol, crosslinked methylphenylpolysiloxane polyether-modified silicone mixture, PEG-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone, ethanol, phenoxyethanol.

The Moment of Truth

My skin feels like it just drank a glass of water. It is so moisturizing. It looks more plump and healthier, giving skin a healthy glow. What I love about this product is that it is very lightweight and non-sticky. I don't like layering heavy creams on my skin, so this is something I really was looking forward trying. I have used it for 2~ years, and I can tell you, this is so far the only face cream that makes my skin feel glowing.

I really enjoy using this together with Hada Labo Gokujyun lotion, which is another product I'll very likely will be doing a review on.

At night I like to put it on more, since you can use it as a mask! How great is that? While you sleep, it works wonders on your skin with letting you wake up with moisturized skin.
Remember that your skin is repairing itself at night, so don't forget your beauty sleep! Also, don't forget your neck area, your neck is thirsty of water too!♥

Best skincare tip is to DRINK LOTS OF WATER♥

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Sunday, 15 March 2015


Flight to Japan, Tokyo takes around 9 hours. At first it might terrify you. Questions will come up your mind " What i'm going to do on this flight?"

What can you actually do during your flight?

First tip, get comfortable. On your flight, bring a pair of comfy socks or slippers which will totally make you feel a lot more comfortable than wearing shoes for the whole long flight. I love comfy socks! I have loads of them because I just love them so much.

Bring a neck pillow and a sleeping mask. I don't have a neck pillow, but now i'm considering to get one, since I never have been able to sleep on plane due to feeling uncomfortable in the little space you have there. Sleeping mask will be great on the flight, if you want to be in dark. Also, this is important, wear comfortable clothes! You don't want to sit on the plane for 10 hours with tight jeans!

Bring your entertainment! Bring your earphones and music, your laptop, book, whatever you like. On the long flights you will probably have a screen in front of you. It has movies and music, games and a map where you can follow your flight.

Make your flight a spa experience! This is something I really like, since you can feel relaxed more. The air on the plane is really really drying to your skin, so i would suggest you to bring your moisturizer on plane. However, be careful not to take over 100ml products with you, since they may take it from you. Remember to put the products in a clear plastic bag. I always bring a moisturizer, lipbalm and handcream. You can use a sheetmask on flight, even that white sheet face might scare some people on the flight! Remember to drink water on your flight to keep your body and skin hydrated. But don't drink too much unless you want to go to the toilet often! Well.. you know the plane toilets is not the most comfortable ones.

Bring some snacks. Buying snacks on the plane or the airport is really really expensive! I would suggest you bring some snacks with you, to save extra money.

Last but not least, bring a pen! You will need this if you are traveling to Japan, since you have to fill up the embarkation card/disembarkation card and the customs declaration form.

Before the day of your flight, make sure you've got everything you need, most important is passport! Check everything just in case, because you don't want to have the feel at the airport of you forgot something.



If you are willing to live in Japan, you need to know the language. Japanese people rarely talk in english, at least it's what I have noticed, like every place where you go, like shops or restaurants, they assume that you can speak japanese. So if you travel there, I recommend to learn at least some basic words, it will help you a lot! You can bring a little dictionary/phrasebook with you everywhere you go, that will be really handy!

My tips on learning japanese

I want to give you some tips which i have found useful in learning japanese. Listening is the key! You can listen japanese music and watch japanese dramas and movies, that's a really great way to learn.

Japanese language has a writing system that includes hiragana, katakana and kanji. I suggest that you learn hiragana and katakana first, before getting into learning kanji. You will need to practice a lot in this part, because..well.. japanese language is written in those characters. If you find it easy to practice kanji along hiragana and katakana, i suggest you to pick the easiest/basic kanji first.

Be brave! Remember that making mistakes makes you learn! So don't be afraid to talk in japanese. When you make the mistake, next time you know better, isn't it?


I wanted to review a best-selling japanese language book, which i got on my trip to Japan. I have been learning japanese for some years now, well, each year learning more or less. On internet many people recommended this book, so I wanted to give it a try and pay around 3500 yen for this book. You can also find it in amazon, which I will put in link down below.

First of all, I was like hunting this book in Japan! I went through many bookstores trying to find it, and even the really big Shinjuku bookstore didn't have it. But I found it in Shibuya finally.

The book is an integrated course in elementary japanese, and it's second edition of the book. It has great expressions for many different situations, which i find really useful! The book also have little culture notes of Japan, such as japanese currency, holidays and festivals in Japan,

The book itself is 382 pages. It comes with a 6-hour long MP3 CD-ROM, which is really great since you can load the files on your phone and listen to it where ever you go!

It has hiragana and katakana charts, and it has kanji, but mostly it's the easiest kanji, and as you know, the kanjis will get more difficult in the end of the book.

I really like the book, even it's in english and not in my motherlanguage. It's great for beginners, and even the people who know japanese a little but want to boost a little bit of the knowledge of japanese language. I like to use some cute stuff to write in when i study~It explains the rilakkuma notebook beside genki in the photo above.



Buy GENKI I from Amazon

In the end, I want to tell you, just anyone who wants to learn japanese, that you can do it! It will take time, but if you really really want to learn it, it will happen!

Last but not least, Keep the learning fun!

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Saturday, 14 March 2015


I have lived most of my life in a little village in Finland, so traveling to Japan, Tokyo, felt so strange! Tokyo is the biggest city in the world, but actually i really love the athmosphere in Japan. It feels like home. 



My favorite shopping place is Shibuya. First, Shibuya109 is like a dream to anyone who loves shopping! It's women's wear but they have also Shibuya109 men's. The people in the shops are so nice and friendly! But I made one mistake, which i guess is a mistake that many travelers make, is not getting their shoes off when going into a fitting room. For me, first times it was awkward to go to shops since they will come to you, and ask you questions in Japanese. Luckily I have been learning japanese a bit and it really helped. 

Another place which I like for shopping, is Harajuku. In Harajuku, there's many kinds of styles on shops! And you can see people wearing lots of different styles. by the way you can have a taste of the delicious crepes of different kinds!


If you are Japanese-cosmetics lover like me, I recommend you to visit Matsumoto Kiyoshi, which you can find in many places around Tokyo. They have a huge variety of make up and skincare products.


Shops which i recommend also visiting, is Tokyuhands and Loft. They have like.. Everything. Beauty/Cosmetics, study/work supplies, Kitchen supplies, Traveling supplies.. You can find everything there. Great option for finding souvenirs too. Tokyuhands has a great variety of DIY stuff, so if you like doing "DIY" things, check it out!


In Japan there's many chances to go to eat many types of foods. Rice, noodles, chicken, seafood. Japan is known from it's seafood, especially sushi, but personally I don't like sushi and other seafood that much. My favorite restaurant in Japan is Coco curryhouse. They have menu of different curry-rice-meat combinations. Japan has.. Mr. Donut.. OMG it's so delicious! I guess my boyfriend got tired of me wanting to go there and take away some donuts. 

Things i really recommend trying, if you travel to Japan is: Curry in Coco curryhouse, noodle restaurant Torakichi in Tokyo, tenmusu(in Nagoya), and Harajuku crepes.


There's so high buildings in Japan. The ones which I have been to, are Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, which by the way looks like Eiffel Tower but it's red and white colored. It's really high, and in Tokyo Tower you can see outside from the elevator when it goes up! It's really cool. 

Being up the city makes me realize how big Tokyo is. It looks like it's never ending from up there. In the both towers they have souvenir shops and so on. Also you can have your photo taken with your friends/family/boy or girlfriend etc. which makes a great souvenirs.

I love chibli movies. They're adorable, and the way they draw/make their movies is awesome! In Japan there's Chibli museum in Mitaka in Tokyo. I don't like museums that much, but this museum was too cute to not to like it!

Hachiko is a dog that waited for it's dead owner at the train station for 9 years. As you may know the owner couldn't return, but the dog waited still. Hachiko statue is in Shibuya,Tokyo, you have to see it. Though later i heard that maybe the dog went there because people gave him food, but I believe he waited his owner!

Have you ever been to Disneyland? There's Disneyland in Tokyo, and near the Christmas time i went there with my bf, and it was a fun place to be. I'm not that much of disney-fan, but it was great experience! There's many things to do, and if you have never been to Disneyland before, I recommend it! BUT.. Disneyland in Japan has people lining like from 15 minutes to more than an hour! So if you do not like waiting/lining, not a very good idea..But overall i liked it.

Japanese temples are beautiful, temples and shrines.. gorgeous! I love japanese old-architechture. And if you're in Nagoya, definitely check up Nagoya castle. If you are in Tokyo, check out Asakusa Sensoji Temple!

Take a visit to Odaiba in Tokyo! It has shopping malls and a ferrish wheel, and it is a manmade island. Cool isn't it?


I love how the people in Japan are so friendly! I really like japanese railway system! On the march-april, Japan is gorgeous because of it's blooming sakura trees!